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I’m a UX researcher with a passion for photography, social behaviors, and dogs. Currently based in Berkeley, CA.

Reminders of what *not* to do when you go to present your UX research results, from someone who’s done them.

“mail boxes” by Marius Christensen on Unsplash

It’s hard juggling a million projects all at once. Shifting release dates, prototypes that need to be tweaked, work travel sprinkled in to your packed schedule — User Experience work is highly sought after. It’s tempting to lessen the workload when it comes to how you communicate your results.


Building blocks for a solid foundation to grow a successful UX research team

Picture of 3 people’s hands building and playing with Legos
Photo by Bonneval Sebastien on Unsplash

UX design and research have been emerging areas of interest for people looking to apply their backgrounds from a really wide range of areas— spanning from more traditional design and HCI roles to include folks from academia, psychology, behavioral science, cognitive neuroscience, social work, and even journalism. With that variety…

Should we stay or should we go?

Illustration of a house in a snow globe with title Stay Home
Photo by United Nations COVID-19 Response on Unsplash

The sides of my thumbs have taken a serious beating. Torn, scabbed, calloused and bleeding, I don’t seem to give them a break from my searching forefingers and gnawing front teeth.

My baseline anxiety, (typically scheduled around workload peaks or the stressors of meal planning), has taken a backseat to…

Use cases for a tool that can do so much more for your team than you thought.

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Measuring the impact of strategic work is often extremely difficult. When you work in UX, the majority of your time is spent in an abstracted phase of learning, mapping and understanding a problem space before you can actually deliver any physical or visual solution.

Tracking this intangible work — when…

Some people learn that “life is too short”, earlier than others.

Photo by Jordan Donaldson | @jordi.d on Unsplash

Life has a completely different meaning to someone who was born less than 2 months after the death of a parent.

It’s called being born “posthumously”.

There’s no picture of you as a newborn cradled in their arms at birth, or a picture of you as a little kid learning…

There’s no magic pill to reach your health goals, just like there’s no magic pill to improve user experiences.

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

You can’t expect a magic prescription to help you lose weight, and you can’t expect a magic exercise regimen to work for you. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Health and fitness goals, and the ways to reach them, can vary. What works for you might not work for me. …

How to extend the same level of empathy to the people around you, as you do for the people you design for.

Photo by Simon Moog on Unsplash

Humans are funny.

Particularly humans that have jobs that require them to genuinely care about the needs of other humans (like me). I’m talking about designers, researchers, psychologists, anthropologists, school counselors, mentors, advisors, nurses — any role that lends you responsible for advocating for the needs of specific segments of…

Finding a home for a wandering UXR department.

Photo by Breno Assis on Unsplash

I started out my UX research career in a somewhat ubiquitous role, on an undefined team, in a newly organized department — to say that I was trying to manage responsibilities through ambiguity is putting it lightly. A few years later, I’ve lived through some different organizational changes that placed…

AOV, LOE, KPI, NPS and other metrics every UXer needs to know.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

In case this is useful for any other UXer out there, I wanted to share this list I compiled for myself- it’s been a handy reminder as someone who works in UX in a very large organization. …

“Psyshic Vision sigange” by Wyron A on Unsplash

Most of the time, the projects in your backlog come from your manager, or at a request from leadership. These are the ones that typically put out fires, and keep the trains running.

Sometimes though, you need to put things in reverse in order to create the work that will…

Danae Paparis

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